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Scotty McCreery in Modesto

Jungle Jim here, Scotty McCreery in Downtown Modesto The American Idol Winner performed at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Downtown Modesto, August 27th 2017 Here are a few of my pictures (Jungle Jim)

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Americas GOAT Talent 2017

Jungle Jim found some Talented Goats at the 2017 Stanislaus County Fair! Scarlet the Acting Goat perform a scene from Titanic! Listen to Fernando the TAP-DANCING Goat!

Pledge Of Allegiance

Aspire Summit Charter Academy (Ceres)

It's Pledge Of Allegiance time in Kat Country! Aspire Summit Charter Academy in CERES -- Live on the Radio at 8:20 -- Listen to the kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance on KAT COUNTRY 103.3FM -- The Country Trumpet CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PLEDGE

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Jungle Jim’s IPOD? (Stockton Thunder Story)

You know the hockey side of your favorite Thunder personalities, now you can get to know them more on a personal level. “What’s On The iPod” shares the music soundtrack that they live their life to. What do you have in common with the musical tastes of Thunder coaches, staff and personalities? See for yourself… Continue reading Jungle Jim’s IPOD? (Stockton Thunder Story)