Wedding Reviews

Sandy – Wedding

I hired Jim for my backyard wedding and he exceeded my expectations! He is super easy going, friendly, upbeat, and professional. He made everything super easy and even took the time to create and type up our ENTIRE timeline for the wedding. So not only is he a phenomenal DJ but he doubles as a wedding planner. He played every song we loved and avoided every song we told him we disliked. We had a meeting before the wedding where we went over everything. He showed up on time with everything he needed including tons of energy. He even joined us on the dance floor near the end. The dance floor was always bumping. AND he sent me videos of my husband and I dancing. If I could give him infinite stars, I would. Thank you Jim for making our wedding the most magical night ever.


Serena – Wedding

Jim was hired for my friends wedding.  We danced for five straight hours and he was glad to take any requests.  He even played music that I’m sure has never been requested at a wedding before.  Highly recommend.

Katie – Wedding

Jim was the DJ at my sisters wedding. He played a fantastic mix of music feeling out what the guests were most excited for. Throughout the night when we needed him to make announcements, he had the best way of wording what needed to be said. He truly helped make her night magical.




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