Vintage Conn 10A Long Cornet

Early Model (First Edition) Conn 10A Long Cornet!

Seriel #616002 – 1956 (1st Year Model)

I can’t put this Long Cornet down! The coprion bell is beautiful and makes this horn so smooth and dark! The valves are easy and responsive you will think you have a Getzen in your hands.

I highly recommend buying a Vintage Conn 10A to experience the sound and beauty. I have wanted one of these for years and years and it’s fantastic. I have been on a bit of a vintage Conn kick and there is a great reason why these horns are collectible beauties.

What Conn said in 1956:
A brand new cornet, with the lines of a trumpet and acoustical qualities comparable to the 28A. Beautiful cornet tone, accurate scale throughout. Features amazing seamless Coprion bell; Clickless Crysteel valves with famous bottom spring design; acoustically correct mouthpipe; modern valve tips and top and bottom caps. Nickel silver finger hook, third valve ring and water keys. Length 21 3/8″, weight 2 lbs. 10 oz., bell diameter 5 1/8″. Outfit includes sturdy, handsome Connstellation case, mouthpiece and music lyre.
Highly polished brass, beautiful nickel trim, with Coprion bell, clear lacquer overall.

Here are some pictures (I’ll add more HQ photos soon)