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Americas GOAT Talent 2017

Jungle Jim found some Talented Goats at the 2017 Stanislaus County Fair! Scarlet the Acting Goat perform a scene from Titanic! Listen to Fernando the TAP-DANCING Goat!

Bits and Stunts, Jungle BLOG, Jungle Jim

Trick or Treat..Smell my Feet?

A Few Years ago I asked a stranger if I could Smell his feet for Halloween. He had to EAT something nasty to win some cool KAT COUNTRY Prizes. WATCH IT BELOW!    

Bits and Stunts, Jungle BLOG

SummerSplam 2015

Slam some Spam to win some tickets to see the WWE Summerslam show at the Stockton Arena We set up at Bass Pro Shop in Manteca, CA. Thursday, July 30th 2015 This is what happened: Part 2:

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Words Women say they can't stand to hear.. These are the Top 6 Words: 1. Moist. 2. Squirt. 3. Panties. 4. Chunky. 5. Curd. 6. Flap.