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Pledge of Allegiance – Moon Elementary in Waterford!

Jungle Jim Visited the Students at Moon Elementary School in Waterford for the Kat Country 103 Friday Pledge of Allegiance Friday, February 26th 2016  

Pledge Of Allegiance

Aspire Summit Charter Academy (Ceres)

It's Pledge Of Allegiance time in Kat Country! Aspire Summit Charter Academy in CERES -- Live on the Radio at 8:20 -- Listen to the kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance on KAT COUNTRY 103.3FM -- The Country Trumpet CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PLEDGE

Pledge Of Allegiance

Spanos Elementary (Stockton)

Pledge of Allegiance - Kat Country 103 October 25th 2013

Pledge Of Allegiance

Cunningham Elementary (Turlock)

Pledge of Allegiance at Cunningham - Pictures from February of 2010  

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Pledge Of Allegiance – Brown Elementary (Turlock)

Thanks to the wonderful KIDS/Staff at Brown Elementary in Turlock, CA.