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Jungle Jim’s IPOD? (Stockton Thunder Story)

You know the hockey side of your favorite Thunder personalities, now you can get to know them more on a personal level. “What’s On The iPod” shares the music soundtrack that they live their life to.

What do you have in common with the musical tastes of Thunder coaches, staff and personalities? See for yourself in this latest Thunder edition.

If you’ve been to a Thunder game in the last couple of years, you might know who this man is. “Jungle Jim” energizes Stockton Arena during Thunder home games as the “Fun Guy” emcee with his exciting and charming personality. Throughout the event, you’ll find him hosting videoboard contests, conducting live interviews with Thunder players and keeping smiles on the faces of fans.

You can also hear him each weekday morning from 5-9 a.m. on the “D.J. Walker In the Morning” show on KAT Country 103. In addition to playing country hits, the show features fan contests, the “Kat Birthday Club” and a spotlight called “Hometown Heroes” where listeners can nominate special individuals in their life who go above and beyond.

Jungle Jim also posts regular podcasts of his “adventures” with Thunder players and interviews with well-known celebrities and recording artists.

Though Jungle Jim’s favorite genre of music is undeniably country, his iPod features an eclectic mix of classic rock, alternative, soul, hip-hop, jazz and metal.

Jim took an off-air break to dish about his favorite songs in his iPod collection and explain why these picks make his all-time music list:

1. The Roots – “Wake Up” (with John Legend)
2. G-Love & Special Sauce -“Steppin Stone”
3. James Brown – “Get up Offa That Thing”
4. Beastie Boys – “Electric Worm”
5. Led Zeppelin – “Communication Breakdown”
6. The Beatles – “Got to Get You Into My Life”
7. Rage Against the Machine – “Bulls on Parade”
8. 311 – “Down”
9. Dave Matthews Band – “Stay (Wasting Time)”
10. Dizzy Gillespie – “Manteca”

Here’s the scoop behind his tastes, in his own words:

1. I need something in the morning to stretch the vocal cords and muscles- 3 a.m. is early!!
2. G-Love is a Funky White guy with soul
3. No Comment Needed!
4. I grew up with these guys as a kid!
5. Maybe my most favorite classic rock band of all time!
6. Check that – only these guys surpass Zeppelin (I need a time machine so I can blast my trumpet with them)!
7. Contrary to popular belief, I do pump iron! These guys get me going.
8. Groove!
9. One of the great songwriters
10. Makes me think of and appreciate the 209 – and this man’s trumpet skills!


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