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Vintage Conn 8B Trumpet

This Trumpet was Stolen in 2014 -- Built in 1969 -- Rare Lightweight trumpet from the Golden Era of Be-Bop -- Played by Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard in the 1960's -- Small Bore Trumpet - 0.438 -- Silver finish     In 1966 - This is how Conn described the 8B Trumpet Designed to… Continue reading Vintage Conn 8B Trumpet

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Conn 6A Victor — 1956

Conn Vintage 6A Victor Trumpet -- Built by Conn in 1956 -- 6A Victor - Built with a Cornet Leadpipe -- Nickle Wrapped Valves and Slides -- Beautiful Dark Jazz sound

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Kanstul Besson Brevete Trumpet

  This Horn is SOLD - I no longer own this beauty.  

Jungle Pics, My Trumpets

GETZEN CB10 – Canadian Brass Trumpet

Built by Getzen in 1994 Reverse Lead Pipe ML Bore (.460) Gold Lacquer - Yellow Brass Bell  

Jungle Pics, My Trumpets

Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt

Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Trumpet Hand Built in Canby, Oregon - March 2005   SC Custom X BELL   5 ML .459 BORE   RLP (Reverse Leadpipe)   Sheppard's Crook