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Vintage Conn 8B Trumpet

This Trumpet was Stolen in 2014 Built in 1969 Rare Lightweight trumpet from the Golden Era of Be-Bop Played by Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard in the 1960's Small Bore Trumpet - 0.438 Silver finish In 1966 - This is how Conn described the 8B Trumpet Designed to please the performer who demands an exceptionally… Continue reading Vintage Conn 8B Trumpet

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Conn 6A Victor — 1956

I bought this horn from a seller on Ebay in 2011 - There are some small dings and dents that I have had removed and I replaced the valve corks. This long cornet is simply incredible. A true gem and very unique. If you have the chance to buy one of these, DO IT! The… Continue reading Conn 6A Victor — 1956

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Kanstul Besson Brevete Trumpet

I've always been a fan of the original Besson Brevete and Meha horns. I remember playing a pre-war besson and didn't want to put it down. Unfortunately (for me) the pre-war Bessons are hard to find and are expensive, so I decided to take a chance on the Kanstul copy. Kanstul did a fantastic job… Continue reading Kanstul Besson Brevete Trumpet

Jungle Pics, My Trumpets

Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt

Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Trumpet I purchased this Rembrandt from a seller on Ebay in 2013. This is my everyday horn and it's versatility allows me to play Jazz (Combo or Big Band) - Symphonic bands - Pit Orchestra - Commercial. It blends well with other horns and plays in tune. The horn has a lot of… Continue reading Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt