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No more Jungle Jim on Kat Country 103

Jungle Jim Here,

It saddens me to announce that I’m leaving Kat Country 103.3

I miss each and every one of you!

The management said they didn’t have the budget to keep me.

Kat Country wouldn’t let me say goodbye to the fans and locked me out of my office. They told me (Via Text) that I was no longer welcome in the building. The Management wouldn’t let me finish out my 2 weeks and leave on good terms.

I’m proud to have been a vital part of the KAT Country 103 for 15 years. We dominated the ratings and delivered memorable content. I’ll always cherish the CMA and ACM Awards we earned, and the way the community embraced and supported my silly personality.

Jungle and Lauren Dancing on Stage Together

Thank you for listening. I hope you’ll join me for the next chapter.


Jungle Jim


12 thoughts on “No more Jungle Jim on Kat Country 103”

  1. no!!! you cant leave. You are Part of what makes the kat country morning show. It just wount be the same with out you. tell them not to be so cheap and pay you more so you can stay.


  2. You will be missed especially on Friday for the pledge of allegiance and your country trumpet. God bless you on your next endeavor.


  3. Aww jim I’m going to miss seeing your cute face and getting your warm hugs 💔 I enjoyed your skits But I do wish you the best at whatever you plan on doing with your future who knows maybe we will see you again good luck my friend 😘❤️


  4. Best of Luck Jungle Jim
    One of my favorites from the station from day one
    Really enjoyed seeing you at the ticket stops and LAC shows and listening to you on the radio
    I follow you on the internet and hopefully will still be able to see where your journey takes you in life.


  5. Oh nooooo…. You will be missed more than you could ever imagine.. I hope your new journey brings you joy and happiness cause you are the best.. Hopefully we get to follow you through your new journey. Best of luck to you!!!!! 🍀😢


  6. No you can’t leave….who will play the trumpet and do all the crazy stuff that no one else will do?! This is a huge loss to the station and morning show for sure!! Good luck on your new journey and I hope we run into you on the street some day 🤗

    Sincerely sad lisenter from Jamestown CA
    Jen 😔


    1. I will miss these events a lot. I’m currently planning to launch my own media company and freelance. I will stop by and say hello to everyone…and yes, I’ll bring a few toys!


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