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No more Jungle Jim on Kat Country 103

Jungle Jim Here, It saddens me to announce that I’m leaving Kat Country 103.3 I miss each and every one of you! The management said they didn't have the budget to keep me. Kat Country wouldn't let me say goodbye to the fans and locked me out of my office. They told me (Via Text)… Continue reading No more Jungle Jim on Kat Country 103

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Walnut Elementary Pledge of Allegiance

Kat Country 103 live at Walnut Elementary (Turlock) Click HERE To LISTEN TO PLEDGE -- Jungle Jim & the Kat Country 103 Fun and Games Department -- Live Broadcast on February 7th 2014 -- Students recited the Pledge of Allegiance -- Principal Mark R. Holmes talked about how the school was a finalist for $10,000 prize… Continue reading Walnut Elementary Pledge of Allegiance