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What Annoys People when they Visit YOUR House?

1. When the host is TEXTING instead of talking to them. 2. Not enough toilet paper. 3. When the host engages in public displays of affection. 4. Being left alone for too long. 5. Not being offered a drink. 6. Getting stuck outside in the cold with no one answering the door. 7. Fighting off… Continue reading What Annoys People when they Visit YOUR House?

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What Annoys us the most?

SURVEY: WHAT ANNOYS YOU THE MOST?1. A slow computerOne in three people have YELLED at their computer.2. People who leave their clothes on the floor3. A sink full of dirty dishes4. Leaky faucets5. Leaving the toilet seat in the wrong position6. Your significant other7. Annoying neighbors8. Children9. PetsTHE IN LAWS????