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Advertise on a Ladies Inner Thigh?

Company Rents Out Hot Ad Space: Females’ Thighs














A Japanese company has come up with a pretty interesting way to get its clients’ ads seen: by posting them on the thighs of young women.

Absolute Territory PR is willing to pay young women who are attractive, over 18, and active on social media to place stickers on the spot where their thigh-high socks end and their short skirts begin.

The women stop by an ad office in the morning to pick up a sticker that they will wear for an eight-hour shift — usually on their upper thigh between the tops of stockings and the bottoms of a skirt or dress. In addition to wearing the sticker through their day, the women are also required to post pictures of themselves wearing the advertisements on their social media accounts, because yes, apparently selfies could get weirder and more tasteless.  At the end of the day, they return to the office and take a cut of the revenue the company made from the advertisers — which include, appropriately, at least one hair removal service.








That so-called “absolute territory” is particularly attractive to Japanese males, according to the website Oddity Central — though it’s a safe bet those of most other nationalities wouldn’t look away, either. The thinking is if men are looking anyway, advertisers might as well be putting those eyeballs to good use by having them take in some ad content.

To collect their dough, the walking billboards have to prove that they’re out and about, via their social media postings.

Would it get your Attention?
Would it get your Attention?

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