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News 10 Tim Daly & the Country Trumpet

The mayor and Tim Daly on KAT Country

Mayor Anthonly Silva was scheduled to appear this morning on KAT Country 103 FM’s morning show, which did a live remote from Stockton featuring local celebrities.

Silva missed his scheduled spot.

Showing up late, the mayor ran into … Police Chief Eric Jones, who just said whoa to Silva’s private “security detail” and took his official-looking badges. I imagine that was a tad awkward, though Silva can be surprisingly gracious at such moments.

Morning guys D.J. Walker and Jungle Jim presented Silva with one of KAT Country’s badges, a plastic five-pointed old-timey Sheriff’s star. Taking it in good humor, the Mayor said all sorts of people have been giving him badges.

When I showed up for my spot, Ch. 10 newsman Tim Daly was on. Daly was asked if he could play Jungle Jim’s horn. Daly said he could and, by golly, he did.

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