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Men use $350 worth of their woman’s ______ a year.

New survey by a cosmetics website – ESensual.com

— Men use $350 worth of their wife or girlfriend’s beauty products a year

— 46% of women say that their partner uses their cosmetics on a daily basis . . . with moisturizer being the most common thing to borrow

— 66%  use their girlfriend or wife’s moisturizer at least some of the time

— 20% of women said that their husband or boyfriend tries to SNEAK some of her beauty products without her knowing

Cosmetics for men







And that’s a problem, because:

  • 42% of women say that their men tend to borrow the most EXPENSIVE products

Guys also don’t know how much to use:

  • 25% of women complain that when a guy borrows her stuff, he uses too much.

1 thought on “Men use $350 worth of their woman’s ______ a year.”

  1. Hell yeah anytime I’m in her shower I use all the shit. I don’t sneak it womans products are way better. I even steal a fresh razor once in a while too. A crappy disposable womans razer is better then the mach 3 and cost a tenth. Now I use pink razors. Think about it they shave very sensitive areas. And the strip on the razor actually conditions your skin. Thanks woman for all your nice soap. I dont have conditioner at my house.


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