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Can a Women Change a man?

YourTango.com Survey — 

Proof that women really CAN change a man:

  • 96% of experts say that great husbands are MADE, not born.

And women looking for a long-term relationship should feel free to date a guy who’s a ‘bad boy’.

Bad Boy

  • 85% of experts say it’s possible for a woman to reform him and make it work.

Single dads are also a good choice:

  • Three out of five experts say that guys with kids would be excellent long-term relationship material.

And just because a guy is over 40 and hasn’t been married, that DOESN’T mean he’s got commitment problems or other issues.

  • 55% of experts say he’s worth the risk.
  • 88% say that women should STAY AWAY from mama’s boys
  • 89% say not to waste time with guys who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex.


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