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Why women talk more then men….

Why do Women Talk so much? (It’s Science)

The average woman says about 20,000 words a day

  • That is TRIPLE what the average man says, at about 7,000.
Women talk more...It's Science
Women talk more…It’s Science





Women also talk faster than men, and devote more of their brain power to talking than guys do.

And researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have figured out why.

There’s a protein in the brain called FOXP2 that’s important in the formation of speech.

Girl Talk never stops
Girl Talk never stops





Rats have it too . . . it’s what allows them to make noises. Except that MALE rats make twice as much noise as FEMALES . . . which is the opposite of humans.

Sure enough, when the scientists looked at rat brains, they found that male rats had TWICE as much FOXP2 as females.

Next they looked at human brains. And found WOMEN have about 30% more FOXP2 than men do.

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