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Match.com survey raises eyebrows

Match.com Surveyed 5,000 singles to determine this:

#1.) 42% of people say they would NOT date a virgin.






#2.) Only 3% of people say THEIR satisfaction is what matters most during sex.

  • The other 97% claim their goal is to make the OTHER person satisfied.

#3.) 48% of women say if they got REALLY desperate and the clock was  REALLY ticking, they’d consider having sex with a friend to try to get pregnant.

Clock is ticking




#4.) 6% of men and 4% of women say they fell in love for the first time before age 10.

#5.) 44% of people say they’ve had a “friends with benefits” arrangement transform into an actual relationship.

Friends with Benifits

  • And 33% say they’ve had a one-night stand transform into an actual relationship.



#6.) 48% of women and 38% of men Facebook stalk someone before a first date.

#7.) 5% of people say they’d find it SUSPICIOUS if the person they were dating wasn’t on Facebook.

  • 10% say it would make a person MORE ATTRACTIVE if they weren’t on Facebook.

#8.) 16% of people have stopped dating someone because of something they saw on Facebook. The most common things are their date’s photos, a wall post on another person’s wall, or their date’s status updates.

#9.) 15% of people with BLOGS say they’re waiting until they get married to have sex.

#10.) 90% of people say it’s not okay to break up with someone over text message.

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