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Social Media is the new bathroom buddy

Overall time spent on social networks rose 37% –

  • The average woman spent 18 hours and 20 minutes per month on Social Networks
  • Men spent about 13 hours

The biggest social net-workers?

  • Those ages 18-24 who spend more than 21 hours each month on social networks, followed by the 25-34 age group at more than 20 hours.

Social Media on the Toilet?

DO YOu TWEET on the Toilet
DO YOu TWEET on the Toilet















  • 28% of those ages 25-34 are bathroom social networkers, as are 15% of those ages 35-44.
  • Nearly one-third (32%) of the heaviest adopters of social networks – those ages 18 to 24- connect with sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the bathroom.
  • Both sexes are equally likely to use social networks in the bathroom, with 14% of them saying they do.

Top social-network site Facebook actually saw a slight decrease in users – down 4% to 152.2 million users on PCs – but time spent on the site rose 23%.

Overall, Facebook accounts for 17% of all time that Internet users spend online

On the rise: Pinterest, the fourth-most-popular social-networking site based on time spent, behind Tumblr and Twitter – and the sixth-most-popular based on users (27.2 million) behind Blogger, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn.

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