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Don’t Talk to me…It’s Early..


Don’t talk to me yet!

HALF of us admit that we wake up grumpy in the morning (Zombie Underground)

  • The average person doesn’t want to talk to ANYONE until they’ve been awake for an hour and 15 minutes
  • The average person gets up at 6:49 A.M., that means we’re not ready to talk until after eight o’clock
  • 43% of us avoid talking to our significant other in the morning
  • 33% avoid coworkers when they first arrive at the office
  • 20% don’t want to talk to their children in the morning

Among people who take public transportation to work

  • 70% dread talking to other passengers
  • 33% read a book or listen to music
  • 18% pretend to talk on their phone

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