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Five Signs Your Relationship Is Going Stale


#1.) You’re Lax About Your Appearance. Sure, you can be more relaxed around someone

when you’ve been together for a while. But don’t forget that looking good, smelling fresh, and

keeping in shape all help keep the attraction alive.


#2.) You’re Too Comfortable. Most couples in long-term relationships get to a point where

they no longer hide their bodily functions from each other. And while that kind of, um . . .

intimacy is inevitable, it can also make the romance disappear FAST.


#3.) Forgetting Birthdays and Anniversaries. From a woman’s perspective, blanking on her birthday shows that you’re putting less effort into the relationship and HER.


#4.) You Stop Complimenting Her. Women love attention and being told how beautiful they

are. So if you never compliment her, especially on things like her hair or her clothing, she’s

going to feel like you’ve stopped noticing her altogether.


#5.) You Don’t Compromise Anymore. This is a big one, guys. Women tend to be more

likely to compromise by nature. But don’t take it for granted. If you don’t reciprocate, you might get shown the door.

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