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Top 20 Fears of Women

1.  Losing family members. 2.  Being buried alive. 3.  Public speaking. 4.  Dying. 5.  Fire. 6.  Snakes. 7.  Heights. 8.  Spiders. 9.  Getting into a horrible car accident. 10.  Public humiliation. 11.  Losing important photos. 12.  Teeth falling out. 13.  Someone seeing you naked. 14.  Aging. 15.  Being poor. 16.  Being the last person on… Continue reading Top 20 Fears of Women

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What makes a REAL MAN?

A new survey asked both men and women to name the top qualities of a "real man" 1. Investigating strange noises in the house at night. 2. Offering to carry a woman's bags. 3. Handling the barbecue. 4. Changing a tire. 5. Dealing with spiders.