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The Most ICONIC Outfit of All-Time?

#1. Marilyn Monroe and the white dress she wore in the film The Seven Year Itch #2. Dorothy’s ruby slippers, worn with her gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz and #3. Olivia Newton–John’s infamous ‘come –back’ outfit in Grease of black leather trousers, red mules and red lips came in at number three. #4. Baywatch Red swimming Suit #5. Michael… Continue reading The Most ICONIC Outfit of All-Time?

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Chick flicks guys love but WON’T admit they watch?

--"The Proposal", 2009 --"The Notebook", 2004 --"Bridget Jones' Diary", 2001 --"Titanic", 1997 --"Sweet Home Alabama", 2002 --"Never Been Kissed", 1999 --"Legally Blonde", 2001 --"Love, Actually", 2003 --"13 Going on 30", 2004 Egotastic.com