Pledge Of Allegiance

Cunningham Elementary (Turlock)

Pledge of Allegiance at Cunningham - Pictures from February of 2010  

Pledge Of Allegiance

Ripona Elementary School

Kat Country 103 Friday Pledge of Allegiance September 25th 2009

Jungle BLOG, Pledge Of Allegiance

Wilson Elementary Pledge of Allegiance

We had a Great time in Modesto at Wilson Elementary (12/13/13)


Friday Pledge on KAT Country 103

Pledge Of Allegiance - October 25th 2013 SPANOS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in STOCKTON, CA. KAT Country 103.3 Live Broadcast 8am Hour KATM - 103.3FM (Stockton/Modesto/Tracy)

Jungle Pics, Kat Country Pictures

Fun Pictures