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If I Won the Lotto…

Do you play the lottery on the regular?

Even though I can’t afford to play the lotto, It’s a lot of fun to imagine what I would do if I got lucky.

Jungle Jim’s step-by-step guide after winning the Lotto

  1. Keep it a secret – The hardest thing is to not want to boast
  2. Sign the ticket – Legal protection if you loose it
  3. Find a Financial Adviser – Everyone will want this account
  4. Hire Security – Private bodyguard – People could be out for blood.
  5. Hide the ticket or put in in a secure location.
  6. Take the One Time Payment – a Dollar Today is worth more then a dollar 10 years from now.
  7. Create an Estate Plan

I Would buy…

  • A Huge Yacht – I can travel anywhere in the world. This will be my main residence!
  • A Private Island
  • Apartment or condo in NYC, London, Sydney, SF, Tokyo, & Berlin
  • A Minor League Sports Franchise
  • I would build my own recording studio and creative space.
  • Houses or cars for my entire family
  • I would throw a huge Free Concert called – “JimAPalooza”
  • Start a Charity

Jungle Jim – Mornings 5am – 9am – DJ Walker in the Morning

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