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What Hairstyle does He/She like on you the most?

Sexiest women’s hairstyles according to MEN

#1. “Down and Straight” look

Long hair
Long hair

#2. “Down and curly”

Long and Curly
Long and Curly

#3. (TIE) A ponytail or an Up-Do

UP-DO ..... or DON'T
UP-DO ….. or DON’T

Un-sexiest women’s hairstyles according to MEN:

#1 (TIE) Too greasy & DYED Unnatural colors

Not a Good look
Not a Good look


#3. The half-shaved, half-long trend

Shaved Look
Shaved Look

#4. The Bun

The Bun is OUT
The Bun is OUT

Sexiest men’s hairstyles According to Women

#1. The “just out of bed” look came in first . . . but it has to be an INTENTIONAL just out of bed.

#2. Neatly combed hair came in second

Clean Look
Clean Look

Un-sexiest men’s hairstyles According to Women:

#1. Greasy hair

#2. Hair that’s too unkempt

#3. Hair that’s “too perfect”

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