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Are these the worst Movie lines ever?

The 13 worst movie lines…

Entertainment Weekly recently published a list of what they considered to be the worst lines of dialogue in movies ever. 

They’re pretty bad. But I’ve seen worse.

13. Serenity (2005) “I aim to misbehave.”




Even in the trailer, this line sounded awkward. In context, it sounded worse. How did Serenity manage to suck so much when Firefly was so utterly brilliant?

12. The Ring Two (2005) “I’m not your fucking Mommy!”

Not improved by Naomi Watts’ delivery.

11. Roman (2006) “What the shit you do, y’ain’t got no TV?”

A coworker eloquently expresses his shock at discovering that Roman doesn’t own a television. In what almost sounds like one word. Boggling.

10. House of the Dead (2003) “We finally got to the boat, but it wasn’t there!”

Then clearly you didn’t get to it, did you?

9. Doom (2005) “Semper fi, motherfucker!”

Doom Tamil Dubbed Movie Online (2008)





“Always faithful, motherfucker”? Er. What?

8. Hellbreeder (2004) “Are you sure you saw what you think you thought you saw?”

Er. Yes? No? What’s the right answer here?

7. Jawbreaker (1999) “Some of the sweetest candies are sour as death inside.”

images (7)





One of the worst police officers ever utters this nonsense in the middle of a discussion about a high school murder carried out using… a jawbreaker. This movie sucked. (Sucked – like you suck candy? Get it? Okay, then.)

6. Pulse (2006) “Do you know what dying tastes like? Metal.”

Really? Okay.

5. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) “I hoped I’d get to nail you one more time. Didn’t think it’d be literally.”

images (8)




Where do you start with this movie? Urghhhhhh. There’s nothing good about it, but this was particularly cringeworthy.

4. Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1991) “You don’t want TV, you want coitus!”

But Doctor Who’s on!

3. The Wicker Man (2006) “No! Not the bees! Nooooo! Not the bees! My eyes! Arghhhhhhh! Arghhhhhh! Arghhhhhh!”

Nicolas Cage in this movie is… umm… well, he’s a revelation. I’ll leave it at that.

2. Troll 2 (1990) “You can’t piss on hospitality.”






After a child has, actually, pissed all over some food to stop his family eating it. In fairness, it was covered in evil troll goo. And piss.

1. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005) “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

images (6)

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