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Jacoby Jones kick return means free furniture for many

The owners of a local furniture company that declared free goods if the Ravens returned a kick for a touchdown at the start of the game or just after halftime found themselves having to make good after Jacoby Jones did just that.

Gardiners Furniture, a Baltimore company, offered customers the throwdown, saying if such a kick return happened, all furniture bought between Jan. 31 and 3 p.m. on game day would be free.

And then Jones opened the second half with a 108-yard kick return.

He did a little dance, and it’s certain that at least a few Gardiners customers did, too.

“That was amazing!” the store posted on its Facebook page shortly after the Jones touchdown. “Furniture is FREE! If you made a purchase this weekend, it’s your lucky day. Go Ravens!”

Kasee Lehrl, the store’s advertising and marketing manager, said Sunday night that she couldn’t believe it when she saw Jones booking down the field and into the end zone.

“We’re obviously thrilled,” she said. “So exciting.”

This is the third year the store has run such a promotion. Since such a kick return hasn’t happened in nearly 50 years, Lehrl said, the store owners figured they were pretty safe. But they took out an insurance policy — just in case.

This year, she said, they’ll be giving out $600,000 of free furniture.

Customers and fans of the store applauded the move — whether they were benefiting or not.

“OMG sure wish we would have bought furniture today!!” wrote Dianne Wrobel. “Wow!!”

But Yolanda Maria Martinez says she did. “New livingroom set for me,” she wrote. “Thanks Gardiner’s!!!”

And Sally McCardell thanked both Gardiners and Jacoby Jones for a free chair.

Everyone with a stamped sales order would get a credit for everything they paid over the weekend.

“It’s great for the Ravens, great for our customers and great for Gardiners,” Lehrl said.


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