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Most common items on Bucket Lists?

Most-Common — Bucket List Items:

Bucket List






#1.) Become a millionaire.

#2.) Travel the world.

#3.) See the Northern Lights.

#4.) Walk the Great Wall of China.

#5.) Completely pay off your mortgage.

#6.) Go on the Inca Trail in Peru.

#7.) See the Seven Wonders of the World.

#8.) Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

#9.) Invent something that changes lives.

#10.) Visit Antarctica.







Some of the other things that made the top 50:

Going on an African safari . . . learning an instrument . . . building a house . . . writing a novel . . . gambling in Las Vegas . . . being an extra in a movie . . . and running a marathon.

Never to late
Never to late

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