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If you do this….you are annoying!

Yahoo’s LIST of the four most annoying tech habits

#1.) Spamming your friends’ Facebook feeds.

This is when you post about personal things on other people’s Facebook walls . . . your causes, your politics, or your first time trying out spoken word poetry at an open mic.


Don't do this to your friends
Don’t do this to your friends








#2.) Texting and parking.

This is when you hold up a line of people in a parking lot so you can send a text before you pull out of a spot.

Put the Phone Down
Put the Phone Down










#3.) Talking in public bathrooms.

We’ve all moved past the point of worrying about whether people are talking to us from their OWN bathrooms. But it’s still strange to talk to someone while you’re using a public bathroom.











#4.) Endless text conversations.

Texting is good for communicating quick thoughts. But

sometimes, when you have a lot of details to work out, a two-minute phone call is WAY easier than texting back and forth 30 times.

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