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Disappearing Skills of our times..

Disappearing Skills?

A new study examined the basic skills that are disappearing the fastest because of modern technology like smart phones and tablets.

Here are the top seven:

#1.) Handwriting.

And people specifically mentioned that handwritten thank-you notes are quickly disappearing.














#2.) Using a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Now we just Google words to find out what they mean or research things on Wikipedia.










#3.) Mental math.

 #4.) Reading a map.

The GPS and mapping apps have made maps obsolete.











#5.) Finding something at the library.

No one remembers how to find a book using the catalog and the Dewey Decimal System anymore.

 #6.) Playing board games.



#7.) Sending a postcard.

We publish our own vacation photos on Facebook instantly now, so there’s no real need to send a postcard.

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