Jungle BLOG

The 6 People at Every Halloween Party

#1.) The Person Who Claims They’re Wearing a Costume, Even Though They’re Not:
– They’ll be in normal clothes, but when you ask why they didn’t dress up, they’ll say they DID.
– Then they’ll claim they’re dressed as something that doesn’t REQUIRE a costume like a serial killer or a teacher.

#2.) The Person with a Costume That Severely Restricts Them from Moving Around:
– It might be something like a mermaid tail, so they can’t walk right. Or it might be a costume that’s so huge and ridiculous, they can’t fit through a doorway.

#3.) The Person Who Obviously Hates Halloween.
– If they’re dressed up at all, it’ll either be a cheap costume, or the same costume they wore last year. And they’ll probably be sitting in a corner looking miserable.

#4.) The Guy Dressed in Drag.
– For whatever reason, some guys LOVE dressing as women on Halloween. And they always act like it’s the funniest costume anyone’s ever seen.

#5.) The Person Who Handmade Every Single Thing They’re Wearing.
– They’ll also be way too proud. And at least once, you’ll overhear them bragging about how much time they wasted on it.

#6.) The Person Who Approaches Halloween Like a Method Actor:
– If they’re dressed as, say, Marilyn Monroe, then they’ll ACT like Marilyn Monroe ALL NIGHT . . . to the point where you won’t even want to talk to them, because it’s too annoying.

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