Bits and Stunts, Kat Country Pictures

LA-Cinco De Mayo (Jungle Mariachi)

Bits and Stunts, Kat Country Pictures

Pot o’ Gold – St. Patricks Day 2015

Bits and Stunts, Jungle BLOG, Jungle Jim, Kat Country Pictures

Human Pinata 2014

Jungle Jim attached 103 balloons to his body and listeners popped them to win prizes.  

Bits and Stunts, Jungle Jim

Hubcap Curling – KAT Country 103

Live in Modesto with your chance to win concert tickets and have some redneck fun! We combine the sport of curling and racing = Hubcap Curling -- Corner of McHenry and Briggsmore (Modesto) -- Jungle Jim live with the Country Trumpet and great Prizes

Pledge Of Allegiance

Park View Elementary (Ripon)

Pledge of Allegiance in Ripon, CA CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PLEDGE December 9th, 2011 & February 22nd, 2013